Honor Pinner

‘Looking after our Planet’

Darrick Wood Junior School, Orpington, 2010

Indoor mixed media Mural. Years 3, 4 and 5, along with their teachers, took part in this project.

The Headmaster, James Turvey, wanted us to create a piece of art for the foyer, which reflected the ethos of the school.

Together we came up with the idea of looking after ourselves, and each other, and ultimately our planet. So within the portraits’ workshops, we explored what we need as a race in order to survive, what we would like to have, and what we might like to do in the future. Each child made poly-prints, which they then printed onto their collaged portraits, and the results were amazing. The children used a similar method for the animals, birds and plants pictures.

At my studio I traced the outline of their drawings, cut out the shapes in wood, which they then painted. The elements were all pulled together onto a sky-blue background, and they also incorporated words which they had used in their research.

The mural really sets off the foyer and creates a visual point of interest and beauty.

Images and text © Honor Pinner. All rights reserved