Honor Pinner

‘Park Mosaic’

Park next to Dalmain Primary School, Forest Hill, 2010

This second commission for Dalmain Primary school was a large project. The brief was to work with year 4 and 5 pupils to produce a floor mosaic, which was to be located in a local park. Flats and houses overlook the park, and it is used by all the local residents. Also the park faces the school sports pen. As a result it has a lot of foot traffic. So I decided to involve the children with the design process, and then to fabricate the mural in my studio.

For inspiration we visited the school’s Wild Life Garden where the children drew plants, insects and birds, and they made drawings of children playing in the sports pen. They produced many beautiful and well-observed drawings, which were used as the basis for the design of the mosaic, and the school’s logo was incorporated in the design. The mosaic was put together with artists, Esther Adesigbin, Gavin Spencer and myself.

The opening ceremony was attended by the whole school.

The Head Teacher, Elizabeth Booth, sent me a thank-you letter: “We are all thrilled with the mosaic you’ve made for us. Thank you so much for all your hard work on the project. With best wishes from Elizabeth Booth, and all the children of Dalmain School.”

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